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Desert Safari in Dubai

It was all wonderful and energizing! The desert at nightfall is fabulous, our guide extremely kind and supportive! Exceptionally suggested, Desert Safari is top-rated Experience!

AntoiNovember 22, 2018


Red Dune Desert Safari

Our Driver Picked us up at 2:30 pm, after 45minutes of the journey we reached in the Lahbab Desert.after refreshing at a typical place, the real safari begins around 4 or 4.15 PM. It will be for 40 to 45 mins on sand dunes. Newbies get butterflies in the stomach. Later they assume to a position inside the desert where there will Belly Dance, stunts Dinner and so on.

christophestelleNovember 22, 2018


Dubai Desert safari

OMG, This Dubai Desert Safari is so much fun and the rushes you arrive in the gathering once you do it is simply life to endure.

DavidNovember 21, 2018


More then your expection

I booked this online, and in comparison to my fellow travellers, I had gotten a better deal. for approx. 100 USD, I got a pick up from my hotel, a 4WD safari drive across the desert, camel riding, 350cc quad biking, buffet dinner (free soft drinks) and entertainment, a ride back to my hotel and great company.

HamzaSeptember 16, 2016


Excelent Tour

Though there are a variety of options for seeing Dubai, we're very happy we splurged on getting a private tour with Dubai Safaris Tour. It's especially a good idea if you have limited time. We didn't have to waste time getting to/from hop-on, hop-off locations, or figuring out how to navigate through a new city. (Dubai is far more spread out than it would first seem viewing the map.) Mr. Shahzad is a very personable and knowledgeable tour guide, and he's able to cover a lot of ground (literally and figuratively!) in a short time. It’s also great that you don't have to wait in lines. He's able to go straight to the front due to his being a registered tour operator.

AteeqAugust 22, 2016


Excellent service

Very nice time spent on the safari trip. We have choosen the evening desert package and it proved to be a very good option for a family of three. We had everything: thrills on dune bashing, beautiful landscape, a very good and tasty dinner. Also, special thanks to the driver, Mr.Muhammad Ali, very proffessional, kind, polite and helpful. I do recommend!

Marius PopescuJune 29, 2016


I Love this company

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Shakeel AhmedDecember 06, 2015


Desert Safari!

The team were great from start to finish. Collected from our hotel and we headed out to the desert. Our driver was excellent at driving in the sand with great control. We then headed to the camp for dinner, well it was more of a feast. Huge amount of food and then entertainment of the belly dancer, Tanura dancer and an amazing fire show/dancer. Will definitely use them again when I visit Dubai.

Shakeel Zafar AwanMarch 02, 2015